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Interface description

For the needs of real-time communication between WMS and other information systems we have developed communication interfaces which provide secure and fast data exchange. So far, we have successfully integrated interfaces with ERP systems such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, Wings, Pantheon, Aurasoft and ASW.

Purpose of HCOM interface is data exchange between remote systems over TCP/IP infrastructure (intranet or internet). Information between systems can be passed in any number of ways. Some of them include exchanging flat-files, using intermediate database, exchanging XML files or using web services.

Master data of articles, clients, suppliers, supply orders, sales orders, receipt confirmations, inventory adjustment for lost / found stock and comparison of stock supplies between systems are easily exchanged with minimal changes of Host (ERP) system. Beside communication with Host information system, HCOM interfaces supports data exchange between remote BelWMS systems.

Like other modules of BelWMS package, HCOM interface is characterized by high level of configurability in order to fully meet clients expectations and needs.