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Analyzing your needs and system definition. Investment planning. Defining project tasks. Build to order projects.


Development of new software solutions and customizing existing ones according to your business needs and demands


Support and cosulting after implementation, 24 hours/365 days


Why WMS?

Learn more about the reasons for the introduction of an information system in your warehouse

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Warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a key part of organization of logistic chain and it's main purpose is to control movement of goods in the warehouse by monitoring and controlling logistic processes. A typical WMS functionality includes control of the reception, storage, picking and delivery. The ability of the system to control and optimize the flow of goods is based on the rules and logistical capabilities of the system to provide real-time information on the status and location of goods, storage availability, reception and delivery requirements.

Logisoft BelWMS – Warehouse Management System

  • Exclusively our product, all software is developed by Logisoft, for us there are no secrets in the system that we implement
  • High flexibility and adaptability of the system, which is made in accordance with the requirements and manner of your business
  • Connectivity and communication with ERP and TMS systems, but also the possibility of independent operation in the event that you do not use or are planning to introduce them
  • Timely and professional support after starting up the system by the very architects of the system
  • The possibility of further improvement and development, as you grow and the system can grow with your needs