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Logisoft BelWMS


Logisoft BelWMS is an information technology warehouse management system (WMS), fully developed by Logisoft . The system is flexible and tailored in accordance with the requirements and methods of operation of customer and in accordance with the modern logistics principles and rules. It is able to operate in conjunction with the ERP and TMS systems, as well as to operate independently in the event that it is necessary. The system itself was developed with the use of modern information technologies enabling modularity and flexibility.

Server side


BelWMS is a server-side, modular, JavaEE application that helps you in your warehouse management. It’s tree layer architecture provides safe, fast and stable environment for system functionality and it represents the hearth of the system in which the whole business logic resides.

Mindful of the basic laws of logistics, BelWMS offers you with the most modern solution for the management and control of your storage space, which is adaptable to all types of warehouses, regardless of storage capacity, the number of the employees, the quantity of trade goods or types of material. BelWMS, as a whole, provides all the information you need for daily operations and planning, both retroactively and in real-time, tends to use your storage space to the maximum, reducing the possibility of user error to the very minimum, thus enabling everyday financial savings and potential for constant growth and expansion.

  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Database (опционо PostgreSQL)
  • Glassfish Application Server

HCOM – Communication module

For the needs of real-time communication between WMS and other information systems we have developed communication interfaces which provide secure and fast data exchange. So far, we have successfully integrated interfaces with ERP systems such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, Wings, Pantheon, Aurasoft and ASW.

Client applications


Warehouse management, from receipt of the goods to control of orders and loading.


Applications for mobile computers. Work with the goods in the warehouse.


Statistics, reports and carts.


Control of production orders and receipt of goods from the production lines.

Technology used in the system developement

Java EE

About the reasons for the introduction of our system to your warehouse