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Implementation of BelWMS system in Delišes Hani, Vladičin Han

At the end of November 2021, we implemented our BelWMS system in refrigeration chambers for the storage of frozen fruit in the company Delišes Hani in Vladičin Han, which belongs to the Nectar group. In addition to the entry of goods, which is done on weighing scales, the picking of frozen fruit is also covered, which gives a better quality of the pallet that is sold to the customer. As the storage of fruit in the chambers is done on metal frames, after picking for the customer, with the system the goods are repackaged on euro pallets and prepared for loading. The BelWMS system covered the entire process from the entry of the frozen fruit, through storage and picking, to loading into the truck, thus achieving complete traceability of the goods.

Implementation of BelWMS system in the company TeamEnergo in Belgrade

TeamEnergo d.o.o. is a company offering engineering services for complex projects in the field of telecommunications, energy, water supply, sewerage, gas and renewable energy sources.

At the beginning of October, we successfully implemented the WMS system in the company TeamEnergo from Belgrade. With the introduction of the WMS system, we covered the storage capacity operations in the central warehouse in Belgrade, as well as the control of goods in external warehouses on newly opened construction sites. We covered the borrowing of teams with tools and equipment with the system and thus ensured complete control of materials. We have enabled traceability and tracking of material by serial number.

Implementation of BelWMS system in Nectar Bačka Palanka

On June 7, 2021, Logisoft successfully put into operation and implemented the BelWMS system in the production center of Nectar Bačka Palanka, leading manufacturer of juice beverages. The system includes warehouses for storing finished products, from the production line to the exit of goods and loading into the truck. A communication module with the ERP system was also developed, which covered the entire warehousing business.

Business during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the difficult time of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we tried to be socially responsible, we took care of the health of our colleagues and our associates, and for that reason we switched to working from home. Despite the difficult situation, we have always provided adequate system maintenance to all our customers who worked at full capacity and contributed to a better supply of retail chains, so that products reach consumers quickly and safely.

From 01.06.2020 we started working in our offices, respecting all precautionary measures – social distancing, wearing protective masks and gloves, frequent disinfection of work premises, avoiding optional contacts with our business partners.

Implementation of BelWMS system in the company Euromont Logistics in Novi Sad

At the beginning of 2020, Logisoft successfully completed the implementation of the WMS system in Euromont Logistics, logistics center in Novi Sad. With our BelWMS system, we have covered the entire business of the logistics center, from the entry of goods, warehousing, customs clearance, to the exit of goods and payment for logistics services.

For the first time in Serbia, a “smart”, induced-guided, Jungheinrich forklift and WMS system were connected, which expands the capacity of the commission zone, accelerates the handling of goods in the warehouse, gains in accuracy and reduction of human errors.

Implementation of BelWMS system in UBConnect AS in Oslo, Norway

In early November 2019, Logisoft successfully completed the implementation of the WMS system at UBConnect AS in Oslo, Norway. With our BelWMS system, we have covered the entire operation and business of the warehouse, from the entry of goods, through storage, to the output of goods, and thus ensuring full traceability of materials and accelerate the flow of goods, as well as the availability of the exact stock of the warehouse.

Signed contract for introducing WMS system with UBConnect AS from Oslo, Norway

Signed a contract with company UBConnect AS from Oslo in Norway, whose main activity consists of services of installation of antennas, repeaters, consulting services in the field of telecommunications.

As part of the project, Logisoft will integrate the BelWMS warehouse management system into a warehouse in Oslo, Norway. In addition to the warehouse in Oslo, the system will also cover the needs of operating and managing the warehouse from the office in Belgrade.

Implementation of BelWMS system in the new storage of fruits and vegetables in Gomex ltd.

Gomex ltd. has opened its fourth distribution center for storage of fruits and vegetables. Logisoft covered its distribution center with its new specialized WMS system. The system is specific because it is connected to digital scales through which goods are measured. Scales are connected with touch screen computers. On these computers, a new application developed by Logisoft is installed, where the user can see the weight of the scales read. Receiving goods, ordering, status updates, and inventory are transferred to touch screen computers, where the new application guides the user through the listed processes. The new system and different work processes are quickly and easily accepted by users, while Gomex’s business is set to a whole new level.

Modernization of the WMS system in Gomex

In the distribution center in Zrenjanin of Gomex company, the expansion of the WMS system with the dispatch through the weighing scales was carried out. The new way of working involved the download of data about the weights and dimensions of items from 3D scanners, the change in the process of receiving goods and storage, depending on the height, weight of goods and height, load capacity of the locations in the shelves, as well as the increased control of the dispatch of goods by measuring each pallet, which accelerated and simplified the reception of goods and reduced the number of complaints in their stores. With this investment, Gomex accelerated and facilitated the processes of planning of all the warehouse business, from procuring goods, through warehousing, to shipping and transport to their retail outlets.