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Communication with the Infora TMS system at Gomex

Gomex implemented the Infora Route Horizon TMS system to simplify and speed up routing and introduce better vehicle control. Our WMS system communicates with the new TMS system and forwards the data needed to form routes and deploy vehicles along them. Accurate data is very important for the proper operation of this system, which our WMS can provide. Information on the number of pallets, weight, volume and type of pallet per delivery order is just one of the data we exchange in all three distribution centers and differentiate them by type of goods (ambient mode, refrigerated, fruit and vegetables).

Implementation of BelWMS system in Galeb Group

We have successfully launched the WMS system in the central warehouse of the Galeb Group in Šabac. The system includes the finished products of all members of the Galeb group through a multi-ownership structure. The entry of goods into the central warehouse, the release of materials for production purposes, and the receipt and distribution of finished products are covered. Also under the system is an automatic warehouse for servicing production with consumables and tools.

Modernization of the WMS system in the distribution center Gomex, Zrenjanin

In the distribution center in Zrenjanin, we installed and implemented the latest version of the BelWMS system. All functionalities of the previous system have been transferred to the new platform and many functions have been adjusted and improved. The new version of the system significantly accelerated the work in the warehouse and ensured the precise flow of information and goods.

Implementation of the WMS system in the company Minotti

In the new central warehouse of the company Minotti in Šimanovci, we put the BelWMS system into operation, we covered the wholesale warehouses and the public customs warehouse. We developed communication and connected WMS with ERP system Pantheon. Goods from abroad that are subject to customs blockade come to the warehouse, and after customs clearance, the goods move to the wholesale warehouse, from where goods are distributed throughout Serbia, as well as direct sales to customers on the spot.

Implementation of BelWMS system in Delišes Hani, Vladičin Han

At the end of November 2021, we implemented our BelWMS system in refrigeration chambers for the storage of frozen fruit in the company Delišes Hani in Vladičin Han, which belongs to the Nectar group. In addition to the entry of goods, which is done on weighing scales, the picking of frozen fruit is also covered, which gives a better quality of the pallet that is sold to the customer. As the storage of fruit in the chambers is done on metal frames, after picking for the customer, with the system the goods are repackaged on euro pallets and prepared for loading. The BelWMS system covered the entire process from the entry of the frozen fruit, through storage and picking, to loading into the truck, thus achieving complete traceability of the goods.

Implementation of BelWMS system in the company TeamEnergo in Belgrade

TeamEnergo d.o.o. is a company offering engineering services for complex projects in the field of telecommunications, energy, water supply, sewerage, gas and renewable energy sources.

At the beginning of October, we successfully implemented the WMS system in the company TeamEnergo from Belgrade. With the introduction of the WMS system, we covered the storage capacity operations in the central warehouse in Belgrade, as well as the control of goods in external warehouses on newly opened construction sites. We covered the borrowing of teams with tools and equipment with the system and thus ensured complete control of materials. We have enabled traceability and tracking of material by serial number.

Implementation of BelWMS system in Nectar Bačka Palanka

On June 7, 2021, Logisoft successfully put into operation and implemented the BelWMS system in the production center of Nectar Bačka Palanka, leading manufacturer of juice beverages. The system includes warehouses for storing finished products, from the production line to the exit of goods and loading into the truck. A communication module with the ERP system was also developed, which covered the entire warehousing business.