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BelWMS LogView

Application description

LogView application allows administrative control of entire WMS system. It is adjusted for all desktop and laptop computers, and gives fast, easy and safe management of master data, documents for entry , dispatch and transport of goods, control of entire warehouse, goods as well as warehouse structure and work force. It's modularity
provides entire flexibility and control of user's access to WMS system, while every user has possibility of creating his own working environment.

Functionality that basic package provides is possible to expand, depending on the work process of the warehouse and its needs.

Functionality provided in the basic package

  • Management of master data (products, customers, vendors, drivers, vehicles, etc.)
  • Control and printing of documents for entry and dispatch of goods (receipt and dispatch note)
  • Establishment, manipulation and transport control (basic TMS)
  • Administration of the warehouse structure – blocking and releasing of pallet places, warehouse zoning
  • Item tracking – retroactive review of inputs and outputs of an item in any given time period
  • Stock List – Review and administrative management of goods in stock
  • Printing of new or existing barcode labels for operational work in the warehouse
  • User administration and user access rights
  • System alerting and informing users about critical situations, alarming conditions of goods, etc.


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