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Why WMS?


Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a key part of organization of logistic chain and it's main purpose is to control movement of goods in the warehouse by monitoring and controlling logistic processes. A typical WMS functionality includes control of the reception, storage, picking and delivery. The ability of the system to control and optimize the flow of goods is based on the rules and logistical capabilities of the system to provide real-time information on the status and location of goods, storage availability, reception and delivery requirements.

Do you have these problems?

  • You have trouble in distinction between similar looking items?
  • You have significant loses and number of returns has increased because of the delivery of wrong items?
  • You don’t know the exact state of stock due to frequent mistakes in delivery?
  • You have goods with expiration date and it is important to you that you have an accurate picture of the entry, stock and dispatch of goods?
  • Traceability of the goods delivered, at the level of the lot and the date of manufacture, are of the key importance in your business?
  • You have constant problems with a lack of poor disposition or warehouse space?
  • You need a real-time insight about the status and activities of the stock in the warehouse?

What do you get with the introduction of WMS system?

  • Faster flow of goods from receipt to loading orders
  • Full traceability of goods throughout the storage cycle
  • Output of goods by FEFO / FIFO principle
  • Better use of storage space
  • Increased accuracy in order picking, guided picking
  • Better control and inventory management
  • Greater efficiency and better control of workers in the warehouse
  • Faster and more accurate stocktaking

Increased accuracy when handling and preparing orders
Increase in the overall efficiency and acceleration of working processes
Full traceability of goods and materials that pass through the warehouse
Expenses reduction
Reduction of total operating expenses on various grounds

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