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Application description

RFView application is customized for mobile computers with a scanner used in the warehouse at the operational level and allows easy and safe handling of materials in the business process. It was developed on the Windows CE platform and works on devices of all better known world manufacturers (Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell ..). It is based on a client-server architecture which allows real-time communication between mobile computers and servers using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

The application is flexible and besides the basic package, it is possible to develop specific modules and functionality in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client.

Functionality provided in the basic package

  • Receipt of goods in the warehouse from a ramp or from production plants
  • Relocation of pallets around storage locations and predefined zones
  • Reading weight barcodes for diffuse goods
  • Handling of goods in the warehouse, transfer of goods from one pallet to the other and the creation of mixed pallets
  • Processing commission orders (picking) guided by the system
  • Control of loading of the goods of assigned transports
  • Warehouse inventory, inventory at the possibility of a separate stock or single article
  • The possibility of assigning of different levels of authorization and access to different users


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